Our services are provided primarily to the Industrial market.  Our designs are proprietary and usually one-off new or retro-fit solutions.

Our goal is to provide the most cost effective alternatives to your specific conditions.  We engage your personnel in the scope and specification for your new equipment.  We work for you alone but can provide you with cost to provide the equipment and to install it.  And we will help you start it up and work out any issues that prevent it from functioning as it was intended.

Mechanical Design

Whether you’re replacing an existing component or adding new equipment we can help.  Expertise includes pollution controls, conveyors, supports, equipment arrangements, process design, buildings and support systems.

Mechanical Expertise
  • Conveyors - Belt, Chain, Screw, Vibratory, Pneumatic...
  • Materials Handling - Transfers, Scales, Shears...
  • Raw Material Storage and Retrieval
  • Finishing - Sawing and Packaging
  • Refining - Grinding, Milling, Drying
  • Tanks - ASME Pressure Vessels, B31.1 Power Piping, AWWA, API
  • Biomass - Fuel Yards, Pulp & Paper, Log Processing and Merchandizing...
  • Thermal Processes - Heat Exchanges, Thermal Oil Heaters, Air Pre-Heaters, Condensate, Feedwater, Blowdown, High Temperature Ducting, Refractory Linings, Expansion Joints
  • Pollution Control - Bag-houses, Fans, Multiclones, Cyclones, ESP, Blowers, Pumps
  • Ash Handling Systems - Pneumatic and Mechanical