Our History…

"The value of EXPERIENCE"

AES began in an era when everything was done manually (without computers), why is this significant to all of our clients?

In the manual environment, you must visualize the end-result before you begin!  You cannot drag items around to improve format and readability of the final product. It is a work in progress and computers have greatly improved the format of the final product.

However, this is where our clients benefit most from our services. Today you will find CAD drafters (operators) using computers to develop technical architectural and engineering designs but,they do not understand what they are drawing or why, necessary details, and most importantly what control dimensions need to be established.

We are professional! We see subtle design flaws that result in expensive rework or back charges before they occur. TIME IS MONEY...WE SAVE YOU BOTH!

Rather than bore you with all we can do it is simple to say that we do it all, even electrical designs...

However, we don’t do electronic design, we do high tech and semiconductor design for tools and base-build FAB’s, SUB-FAB’s, and ALL Facilities associated with them.


moving towards 3D

No longer can you draw meaningless 2D images of parts; modern manufacturing processes require intelligent 3D models that are both accurate and quickly developed. Design changes must happen faster than ever; this is not possible in the conventional 2D realm.

Architectural designs are fully 3D, utilizing Autodesk BIM software (If needed).

Mechanical designs are fully 3D; utilize Inventor or SolidWorks software. They can be rapidly converted into 2D working drawings or data can be sent directly to machining tools, improving the time to market and accuracy while minimizing errors.

Civil and Structural designs utilize Inventor, SolidWorks, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and BIM technologies, as well as basic 2D AutoCAD software.

The bottom line is, we use the right tools for the job so you do not pay a penalty for your design documents.

Very often, we see clients paying for things they do not need. If the final design is used for a one-time project, you do not need to pay for sophisticated solutions that have no value to your final cost or delay the time to market.

Experience is what we sell, not hype! Investigate your options with us today.